Color plays an essential role in interiors by possessing the power to transform a room. Let’s be up to date with our color trend ideas for 2020. Give your interiors a makeover by adding fresh and raw colors and transforming your existing interiors into a high-end design abode with affordable ideas!


Trending Shade | #1 Champagne

While the idea of painting your home beige may seem unexciting, lately warm colors are replacing the cool greys which have been in trend for a decade. If you are doubtful about painting your walls in beige tones, the second-best option would be to go for champagne theme furniture and upholstery and wait for the luxurious and glamorous effect to kick in!










Trending Shade | #2 Lemon Yellow

You can always opt for a fresh color scheme as a lemon yellow to brighten up your interiors. Spaces with low access to natural lighting can use a pop of white and yellow to give the space a cool and bright look. If you are not feeling too brave about this bold color you can opt for mild shades of yellow paired with nice and light Canadian wooden accents.

Trending Shade | #3 Pumpkin Red

Fall in love this season with this energizing and optimistic color which lends a warm and fuzzy feeling to your interiors. If you are someone who prefers your home to be in warm shades, and comfort oozing from every nook and corner this theme might end up being your favorite one! Dramatic wallpapers, curtains & pillows, and furniture accentuate the interiors by blending bright orange colors with all brown color shades, soft yellow, and different shades of orange.










Trending Shade | #4 Fuchsia

Using Fuchsia for the interiors can be a tricky act of balance and harmony but when you get it right it gives an instant glam up to your interiors and an everlasting energized ambiance! We would suggest you go for neutral colors for walls like beige, white, cream, and to balance this blandness add some bright furniture accents or wall /art decor to tie up the look together.


Trending Shade | #5 Sky Blue

This clean and crisp color will create an airy and pleasant aura in your house. You can experiment with sky blue, white, and turquoise for an inviting and playful interior. This is the color that draws peace and calmness and is also said to improve productivity. The biggest advantage of using blue in interiors is its harmonizing quality which blends it with other colors like wooden or metallic accents or other shades like beige, brown, white. To make a style statement pair blue with deeply saturated colors to energize a room with personality!

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