5 Home Décor Mistakes to Avoid


Are you planning on redecorating or designing your interiors soon? Here are some biggest but most common decorating mistakes to avoid. Hopefully, this guide will help you make conscious decorating decisions!

1. Choosing too many Paint Colors :

Painting is the easiest way to give your home a fresher look! But it can go wrong as easily! A designer suggests you a complementing flowy color scheme by visualizing the end results. Quite often people are unable to visualize and end up using too many colors making their home look like a circus tent!

2. Trying to do Too Much : 

Many people get over excited on the thought of decorating a home and we go overboard! They buy too much decor and the home looks cluttered and confused! Get a suggestion from a professional and declutter your home.

3. Placing all furniture against a wall :

A well-designed room should be balanced, yes that includes furniture placements! Putting all the furniture against the walls makes it an unbalanced and inefficient use of space! Practice rearranging furniture in the middle of the room as well, for example, try to place the sofa away from the walls and notice your space looks balanced and harmonious!


4. Letting Visual Clutter Ruin Your Design :

It’s a shame when a creatively decorated room is ruined by pesky wires hanging around in all corners or below electronics! Just take a note of what makes your space look cluttered and find a solution to hide those wires, those laundry baskets, or the overflowing cabinets. You can always rake the wires within the wall to have a flawless look!

5. Leaving Walls Naked :

You might have noticed something missing when you visit someone’s house or bedroom. That’s probably because their walls have absolutely nothing on them. Yes, we do support minimalism but a room needs a focal point to make it appear complete! You can always start small if you are scared to decide, an art piece you love or just a tiny painting can make a difference.

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