These space-saving interior designs are an innovative way to add luxury and elegance to your petite space. Evolving trends in interior design serve this need with great contentment.
It is however possible to own small space and still make it look like a fancy villa. But, packing your world into a petite apartment doesn’t mean you have to compromise in terms of aesthetics & elegance. You can always play it smart with these space-saving design interventions that are sure to transform your tiny space.
Take a look at some decor tips that will fulfill your utility and functional aspects as well as improve the style statement of your living space:

1. Get creative with Futons/ convertible sofa :

A replacement for a huge bulky sofa is a futon/convertible sofa for your living room or guest room or any room which is extremely compact. They are lightweight, aesthetically appealing and serve the purpose of a sofa-cum-bed. Now your couch is your bed, so utilize this multipurpose furniture to the fullest!

2. Trendy Space Saving Fold-able dining tables :

When you opt for a studio apartment or even a 2 BHK, you may or may not have a designated drawing room or living room.
But this should not limit you to create your own flexible multi-use space with the help of multipurpose furniture. Fold-down tables are the most useful & innovative furniture for small spaces. When not in use, they are just attached to the wall and take no extra space.

3. It’s An Innovational Island :

A kitchen island is multi-use furniture that creates extra counter space, can be used as a breakfast table, and has drawers and hooks for extra storage. Instead of lining up all of your kitchen furniture side by side, you could make your kitchen appear a whole lot bigger by putting together all necessities in an all-in-one kitchen island. So this will now consist of a sink, a stove, garbage disposal, and pull out stools to sit down and enjoy a meal.

4. Stairway To Space Saving :

A lot can be obtained if you make use of what’s under the surface, or under the staircase. If you own a duplex house, chances are that your stairs take a lot of space hence the area under your staircase can be used in so many creative ways. You can have a mini-library or a mini pullout bar.
Another way to utilize your stairs is to have them designed with inbuilt pull-out drawers so as to use as tool storage or other utility storage area.

5. Benches and storage:

Benches are the latest decor innovation. From wooden to cushioned, a wide variety of materials are available in the market to suit your style. If you need more storage space in your home, you can go for benches with storage they can fit against any wall or fill up an awkward corner and also do not occupy much space.

6. Coffee tables with nested stools

These have been one of the most popular genres of tables last year. When you need extra seating, just pulling out the stools works and when not required, they stay inside making up for a solid centre table.

7. City Apartments | Coffee Table With Hidden Storage

Coffee tables are essential to pair with a sofa in the living area. It can be multifunctional when it has storage underneath, where you can store magazines, ashtrays, vases to ensure a clutter-free home. A coffee table is also a flexible piece of furniture—feel free to move its location around. Wherever it settles in the house, it can offer extra storage.

8. Uber cool Wall desks

Standing while working is soon becoming a popular culture in offices and which can also be adopted at home. A wall desk is a great idea if you need to work on your laptop for a brief time. Add a chair and it becomes your cozy nook working corner. Wall desks do not inhabit any space on the floor and once you close the desk board, it makes for neat wall furniture.

9. Folding room divider with shelves

Room dividers are totally practical in general and allow us to visually divide large open spaces into smaller sections without depending on solid walls which take up way more space and are a lot less flexible. With a creative approach now these room dividers take multifunctional to a whole new level by introducing little pockets of storage along with the partition.