5 Vintage trends – the latest blast from the past reappearing in our homes!

There is no doubt that retro styles are making their way into the latest interior trends, the vintage element might not be exactly similar to the past but it’s evolving in a new uber-stylish way! Vintage not only amps up the style quotient but also by choosing vintage we are not only recycling but also opting for furniture pieces that last a decade. It also implies that we are paying homage to the ancient craftsmen’s skills!

1. Vintage Folding Partitions :

Wooden screen dividers are a big hit for a quick privacy fix! Why compromise on privacy when you can add a style statement and elegance to your decor. These are durable and long-lasting with intricate detailing also flexible to use being foldable and collapsible!

2. Restyling Vintage Furniture :

You can always repaint ancient wooden furniture or add new accents or colors to it and amp it up according to your decor style. You can practice sustainability at your own level by using old furniture pieces and making a statement out of them.

3. Obsession with Brass :

Stainless steel finishes are becoming old news! Silvery metal adds a cool ambiance to the interiors whereas brass and gold finishes add warmth. This warmth offers a comforting glow to your home.

4. Play of Panels :

Wall paneling imbibes a texture and depth into space. Modernized versions of paneling offers slimmer slats, smoother finishes, and a wealth of earthy color palette!

5. Outside -In :

Wicker and bamboo furniture are no longer restricted to the outdoors anymore! These earthy wicker furnishings become a style statement indoors plus the extreme durability factor adds to the advantages. Wicker, bamboo, and rattan will lend an airy and natural look to your home insides.